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The makings of a PR agency’s star candidate


If you’re anything like us, your high school experience probably could’ve been better. You probably even thought, on that last day, something like this:

“Goodbye, judgmental popular kids. Goodbye, biology class that heard me call my teacher ‘Mom.’ Adios, awkward first date guy and classmates who remember my blue lipstick phase. I’m through with you guys.” 

You laughed, and you high-fived your nerdy best friend and drove off to college, or Alaska, or where-the-heck-ever—and you thought you were done with people shamelessly judging you.

As lovely a thought as that may have been, it wasn’t true, because then you became a job candidate, and it started all over again. Sometimes people don’t tell you when your résumé is awful or your cover letter has typos. They just snicker in the bathroom and leave you wondering, “What’s so funny?” Not to worry—we’re about to have an honest discussion about what makes people at our company love a job candidate (or not) before we ever meet them. Your résumé is just one small slice of the pie.

The cover letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to keep a reader interested long enough to introduce yourself and your résumé, and talk a little bit about why we should get to know you—kind of like the email to which you attach your résumé. Surprise! Your email is your cover letter. We don’t need another document.

It does, however, have to be tailored for the company you’re sending it to—much like your résumé. Trust us, we recognize a form email. “Dear Sir or Madam” and “To Whom It May Concern” let us know right away that we are indeed not concerned. 

In a similar vein, you will find out exactly how judgmental we can be if you misspell our names (It’s A-I-M-E-E), or confuse our gender. (“Jo” with no “e” is a female name.) We know it’s a little extra work to research these small details, so we really appreciate it when you get them right.

The résumé

The résumé is a high-level overview of you. We want to know (quickly) what your talents and qualifications are, what your education/background is, and whether you can hold a job. Your résumé should flow neatly and logically, with a clear hierarchy, one or two (legible) typefaces, preferably ones you don’t know the names of, and wide margins. Keep it to a single page, and prioritize white space above large type size so it doesn’t feel crowded.

Please don’t include photos. If you’re a photographer, these belong in a portfolio. As far as headshots go, well, we’re no modeling agency, so they’re unnecessary—and a bit narcissistic. We’ll view your profile on social media like everyone else, thank you.

Include any volunteer work, professional organizations, and interesting extracurricular activities, because this helps us get to know you and determine your “fit” with our company culture. Skip the “objectives” section, which is a little dated these days. These thoughts can be worked into the cover letter.

Be selective with your job experience. Did you increase your company’s Twitter followers by 400 percent? We want to know that. Was it your task to muck horse stables? That doesn’t help us. Do yourself a favor and include only appealing and relevant job experience. 

Maintain multiple résumés

For more formal, corporate jobs, have a formal, corporate résumé. For more fun and relaxed agency jobs, develop a quirkier one with more personality. Tailor the content as well—if a job listing focuses on social media, highlight that Instagram campaign you ran. If a position references event planning, include your role in that grand opening celebration. 

Of course, developing a résumé that reflects the company to which you are applying includes a fair amount of research into the organization and its employees, culture, and activities. 

Fortunately, the Internet makes this an easy undertaking. Take advantage of it. Find out what matters to the business, and help the people in charge see how you would fit in the picture.

Last, don’t overlook the little things:

• Print on nice paper, or, if the document is digital, make it a PDF instead of a word document. 

• Include live links, so we don’t have to hunt for you on Facebook or type in a lengthy LinkedIn URL. 

• Proofread, proofread, proofread. 

• Give it to your friend who is a graphic designer. Give it to your neighbor who works in HR. 

• Don’t forget to include obvious information, like your phone number or your last name. (Yep, that happened.)

Social media

We’ve already mentioned our affinity for social media stalking—and don’t think we won’t do it. You don’t have to amass large numbers of followers or produce gigantic amounts of content. We just like to know that you’re engaged, polite, andgrammatically capable. Keep selfies in moderation. 

Social media can also be a great tool to show employers how well-rounded you are. Use it to showcase articles you’ve written, events at which you volunteered, the quilt you just made, or videos of your cat. You know. Things that make us like you even more.

Your references

It’s a great idea to have people on your side that can vouch for your sparkling personality, your super-solid PR skills and maybe even your uncanny ability to show up to work. We just have one warning, and it comes from experience: Be absolutely sure that your references like you as much as you think they do. We’ve had that awkward call where we hung up the phone, disappointed that our candidate wasn’t as stellar as we thought they were.

Every other type of communication 

It’s important not to forget that all communications you have with a possible employer can leave a lasting impression, from tweets to voicemails to an unofficial email. Proofread them. Figure out in advance what you’re going to say. Make them interesting, professional, and memorable.

We get it—we’re all people, and we’ve all made mistakes. We walked into the wrong third-period class. We tucked our cheerleading skirts into our bloomers. We drove so many embarrassing vehicles. We’ve sent emails with Freudian typos, and, yeah, we’ve even called people by the wrong names. 

Now we’re people with a job opening, and we get to be a little picky. We’ve put a lot of effort into this company, and we want to work alongside an amazing, inspirational human being. If that’s you, do everything you can to make sure we know it. :

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Board game tests players’ autocomplete knowledge


When Google introduced the autofill feature to its search engine, it unleashed one of the great post-modern social experiments of all time. 

Suddenly, our society’s common questions—some that we would never dare ask another soul—became visible for all to see. In some ways, it makes us feel not so alone. In other ways, it makes you realize that you are rarely the first to experience anything in this life. 

From this phenomenon comes the board game Query. Here’s how the game’s website describes it: 

Query is a party game where players earn points for identifying the top Internet search predictions and for fooling others into choosing their well-crafted answers. It’s great in a family or more adult social setting. 

Gizmodo has the story behind the game’s creation: 

To create the game, over 1,000 actual internet searches like “Why do my…” or “What to do if you get c…” were entered over a million times into the most popular search engines used in North America. And the most common autocomplete suggestions were collected to create the game cards for Query. 

The game originally launched on Kickstarter, and is now available on Amazon for a very affordable $28.

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6 ways to prevent PR burnout


Whether you’re a PR veteran or novice, there are times when the industry has a way of chewing you up and spitting you out. 

Long hours, 24/7 availability, crisis management, shifting deadlines, and ever-changing event scenarios are just some issues contributing to the persistent pressure. 

Lots of people suffer from professional burnout, but PR is notorious for disasters that come out of nowhere—usually at 4 p.m. on a Friday. 

Yet those who stick with it love what they do. 

Everyone has coping mechanisms; here is how five PR pros get through the daily grind with their sanity intact: 

Exercise. “Exercise is huge for me, especially during a crisis,” says Barbara Laidlaw, senior vice president and partner at FleishmanHillard in New York. “The adrenaline runs pretty high, and it’s easy to think that fatigue and burnout are not happening because you’re existing on Red Bull, coffee, and diet Pepsi. Running with music always works for me; the exacting movement and the level of concentration required allow me to turn off my brain from work.” 

No Saturdays. “From a shorter-term perspective, I do my very best not to work on Saturdays,” says Leslie Wood, the director of Canada communications for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. “It doesn’t always work, of course, but knowing Saturday is coming is truly a light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Unplug. “Unplugging is hard and takes some serious discipline, but once you can do it, it gives your brain a break to actually be more creative,” says Diana Conconi of Toronto’s Agency Next Door. “It doesn’t need to be a full-on vacation, as wonderful as those are, but truthfully, as an entrepreneur, the longer vacations are scarier to completely unplug on, so lots of short getaways are perfect on so many levels.” 

Family time. “Children help, although I would not recommend someone journeying down that road primarily as a way to avoid burnout,” says Wood. “It sounds crazy, but having multiple, competing interests avoids overloading on any one thing and provides perspective.” 

Talk it out. Edmonton-based Holly Roy of Pumpkin PR cites “walking the talk”—literally. “Believe it or not, talking with friends is a great stress relief. I am so fortunate to have hilarious, savvy friends/colleagues in the business, and once we have a good chat with a few laughs, I’m good to go again.” 

Be passionate.
 Continuing to feel the passion for the job is what keeps Christine Crosbie going. Hitting 40 initiated a switch from journalism to PR, where she regained her motivation for her career. “I’ve been very fortunate to be part of organizations whose mandates I feel passionate about, or I couldn’t do it otherwise,” says Crosbie, who is media relations and strategic communications officer for OCAD University.

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5 ways to make your Facebook page more mom-friendly

Mother’s Day is a reminder to recognize the important women in our lives and all they have done for us. It is also a day to remember the social media influence of moms. 

According to a study by Edison Research, seven in 10 moms are active users on Facebook; by connecting with them on social media, brands have an opportunity to boost their e-commerce.

It can be difficult to find new ways to connect with moms on your Facebook page, so here are five to celebrate this Sunday, or any day.

1. Create a look book


The Look Book app from Offerpop gives brands the opportunity to drive sales directly from their Facebook page. On this app, you can visually list your products in slideshow format for any occasion. You can include a custom call to action for each individual item, as well as promo codes and downloadable coupons. It also lets you track which items are viewed and conversion rates to sales through the app.

Why moms will love it: This app makes it easy for any fan to visually see the items a brand has available, and for fans to download coupons or promo codes associated with these products. Moms love the chance to view a product and to save money on any product they want to buy; this increases your chance of an online sale.

2. Host a contest


Encourage people to enter a contest by submitting pictures of their mothers, stories about their mothers, or other mom-related content. Then, share back the user-generated content to highlight some of your fans individually, and select a winner for a special prize.

Why moms will love it: Moms love the opportunity to win anything from a brand. They especially love the chance to be featured by a brand, and to have their content chosen as a page’s winner. It will increase engagement with moms on your page, which will increase e-commerce over time.

3. Put out a poll


Ask a question that the moms who follow you can relate to. By using the app WooBox, you can require users to “like” your page before they vote. The app gives them an option to share their answer to their followers immediately after voting, driving more traffic to your page. Later on, you can use the poll results for social media content.

Why moms will love it: Polls allow users to make their voice heard and to share their thoughts with their friends. Moms enjoy this opportunity to be a part of a crowdsourced decision.

4. Post a quiz


Create a fun, BuzzFeed-style quiz that interests and relates to moms and enables them to share their findings with friends. The website PlayBuzz enables you to easily put together these visual quizzes and embed them on your website. Make sure the results link back to your product and website, and share it to your fans.

Why moms will love it:
 Like the vast majority of Facebook users recently, moms love the chance to find out fun, random tidbits of their personality through these quizzes. They also love to share their findings with all their Facebook friends, which increases your chance of virality and traffic.

5. Sell directly through Facebook


Add an online store to your Facebook page with an app such as Ecwid. It will visually list your products and give users the chance to buy them directly through Facebook.

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101 different types of content


We keep hearing it over and over again: “Content is King. Content is King.” And it’s true. 

Content is the single best way to drive people to your website today. Various types of content, strategically connected to your brand, can work wonders in capturing the attention of consumers and leading them in your direction, but you have to provide some sort of value. Teach them something. Entertain them. Do something that makes it worth their while. That’s where you have the opportunity to tell them about your brand and what you can do for them. 

I always encourage my clients to create boatloads of great content. That’s when they say: “Well, we already blog, so what more can we do?” Ahhh, yes. I’m so glad you asked. Because in fact, there are actually 100 more things you can do. 

I’ve compiled a list of 101 things that can act as content on your website. Some are standalone, some work together, but most important, they can all be promoted on social media and be used as resources to drive your target audience to your website. Content will help attract traffic, accumulate more social shares, improve SEO efforts, and more. Your end goal is to leverage these types of materials so you can do a better job of educating or entertaining your audience to sell your products or services, strengthen your brand, or both. 

Are you ready? Here we go: 

1. A/B testing and results
2. Affiliations and partners
3. Aggregation of articles
4. Animated gifs
5. Associations and memberships
6. Audio recordings
7. Background and experience info
8. Blog posts
9. Book summaries
10. Brochures
11. Cartoons
12. Case studies
13. Certifications
14. Charts
15. Cheat sheets
16. Comics
18. Commercials
19. Comparisons
20. Contests
21. Creative stories
22. Custom software 
23. Customer reviews
24. Data and statistics
25. E-books
26. Email newsletters
27. Embedded tweets
28. Event information
29. FAQs
30. Files and spreadsheets
31. Flyers
32. Free guides
33. Full videos
34. Giveaways
35. Graphs
36. Guest posts
37. History
38. How-to guides
39. Illustrations
40. Infographics
41. Interviews
42. Lists
43. Live chats
44. Live-streaming video
45. Maps
46. Media mentions
47. Memes
48. Microblog posts
49. Micro-videos
50. Mind maps
51. Mobile apps 
52. Music videos
53. News
54. News releases
55. Newsjacking write-ups
56. Newsletters
57. Online games
58. Personal bios
59. Photo galleries
60. Photos
61. Pin boards
62. Plug-ins
63. Podcasts
64. Polls
65. Portfolio pieces
66. PowerPoint or SlideShare presentations
67. Predictions
68. Pricing
69. Pricing sheets
70. Product demos
71. Product or service information
72. PSAs or video PSAs
73. Q&As 74. Questionnaires
75. Quizzes
76. Quotes and Inspirational messages
77. Ratings
78. Research or synthesized information
79. Resource pages
80. Results of polls, surveys, and questionnaires 81. Reviews
82. ROI calculators
83. Sales sheets
84. Screencasts
85. Screenshots
86. Site tour videos
87. Software reviews
88. Specification or data sheets
89. Stupid, fake, and funny images and captions
90. Surveys 
91. Templates
92. Testimonials
93. Timelines
94. “To do” and “what not to do” articles
95. Twitter chats
96. User-generated content
97. Vlogs
98. Webinars
99. White papers
100. Wikis
101. Worksheets 

Remember. Entertain, educate, persuade, convert. That’s your goal. 

All the content above can be included in your content marketing plan to do a better job at building your online presence and boosting your traffic.

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