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Sunny Leone Set To Sizzle In DK With Prem


Sunny Leone is in demand and she is all set to add that extra zing in a Kannada film titled DK opposite Prem.

“I was in Mumbai recently to discuss the song with Sunny Leone. She has given her nod to be a part of the film,” says the director turned actor Prem, who had earlier roped in few Bollywood hotties for the item song in his movies.

Prem, who has earlier worked with Yana Gupta for his film Jogi and Mallika Sherawat in Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide caught much attention when he had brought in Scarlett Wilson for his film Prem’s Adda.

The trend continues with him bringing in the latest bombshell of Bollywood, Sunny Leone for a special appearance in his upcoming film DK directed by Udaya Prakash. As we know, Prem had previously tried to rope in Sunny Leone for a film but it did not work. Not losing hope, he took another chance and this time he has succeeded. Sunny will do an item song in DK and as per our sources, the actress has been paid a little more than a whopping 40 lakh to sizzle on screen.

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It would be interesting to learn how Prem charmed these beauties to work in his films. Ask him about it and he chuckles, “Yes, I have always brought in an interesting factor to my films, which has garnered a lot of attention. Sunny this time has agreed, but everything will be finalised once we are done with the agreement. Till then, I have to keep my lips sealed,” he says.

The makers of DK are planning to release a threatrical teaser in three theatres on the day of the muhurath, sometime this month.

Apart from Sunny Leone, DK has invited a lot of speculation. “There have been different thoughts about DK. Some think the film is based on the life of politician DK Shivakumar, who is currently the Minister of Energy in Karnataka, while few others think it is about politician HD Kumaraswamy. But I ask all of them to come and watch the film and then decide what the subject is all about.” stated Prem.

Here’s wishing team DK all the best.

Advertising and marketing among top industries for grads

Just graduated college? Congrats!

The good news is you don’t have to go to class anymore, and you have any number of graduation speeches to inspire you.

The bad news is that now you have to find a job. And if you majored in any of the 10 subjects listed at the top of this H&R Block infographic, you may have a hard time doing so.

But there’s good news, too. Advertising is ranked as the top growth industry for college graduates, and marketing is up there, too, at No. 6. So if you majored in one of those, you’ll have some opportunities.

And hey, PR isn’t among the worst majors (though English is).

Check out the info graphic, detailing the landscape for recent grads (and if you’re heading into the mining, quarrying & oil/gas extraction industry, well done):


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9 tips for managing your own marketing


We’ve made it to June—a month observed by entrepreneurs and small business owners as Do-It-Yourself Marketing Month. In honor of that, here are a few tips for some easy DIY steps to help your PR and marketing: 

1. Friends close, enemies closer

Perhaps the word “enemies” goes a bit too far—but you should identify your competitors. In marketing, this will help you to consider what they’re doing that appears to be working or failing (both in their business activities and in the marketing efforts). It provides you a chance to serve your market better or differently. Never close your eyes to who else is in your space, but don’t obsess about it, either. 

2. Budget brutal

How can you plan an attack if you haven’t prepared for the pennies and the pounds that it may entail? Take time to set out a marketing budget. Most of us in the industry suggest at least 15 percent of your sales budget should specifically go into marketing and PR—much more in certain cases. Setting a budget helps you define whether your marketing will encompass above the line advertising, printed matter, media relations work, or lots of old-fashioned “pressing the flesh.” 

3. And your point is?

You can’t begin your marketing until you’ve considered your key messaging. This might be as simple as defining the following: 

• Who are we? 
• What do we stand for? 
• Where are we trying to go? 
• What do people perceive us to be? 

This relatively straightforward analysis can be done in DIY form or by engaging a  research company. The results will help your marketing substantially. 

4. Online or out of the race

There’s a good reason telephone books have become doorstops in many business cases: We know modern savvy consumers shop for business services by searching the Internet. 

An online presence is essential. There are DIY facilities available for this, or you can take the guidance of a dedicated company that will help you create a brand presence online. 

5. Content marketing: Take off the dark glasses

Being online with a website is one thing, but the picture is not complete unless people have a chance of finding you. Without some effective content marketing, being there on a website is like blinking behind dark glasses. You know you’re doing it, but no one else does. 

Some of the simplest DIY approaches to content marketing lie in making sure you’re regularly updating your site—through blogs, news feeds, anything to keep the search engines aware that you’re an open shop and continually moving. 

If your budget is slightly more flush, talk to a PR agency about copywriting and content marketing work to help you. 

6. Socially savvy

You don’t necessarily want to know when the person down the road is having a cup of tea or watching his toddler cut its teeth, but updates by yourself and others on social media do encourage traffic and relationships. DIY is very easy to achieve initially. Take a look at what you think Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube could be doing for you. 

7. Network with intent

Many of us loathe networking, but the eyeball-to-eyeball factor in marketing is important. Look at what’s happening in terms of business networking events in your region or industry. You never know whom you might meet. 

8. PR power—with the who, what, where, why, when

They say there’s a  every one of us. I’m pretty sure there’s a story within every company, too. Media relations and the process of getting stories to journalists is a really effective way to boost your PR and marketing. When creating a press release, consider the who, what, where, why, or when of your story. Think also about a good photo to help tell the story. You can always phone a PR consultant for further advice if you’re stumped. 

9. Evolve and evaluate

Static marketing plans—and those that aren’t frequently assessed for effectiveness—can be more of a detriment than an asset. Keep looking at new ways to tell your story and to reach your audience.

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How to make a bigger splash with your LinkedIn profile


When LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform in February to our members, many people jumped on the opportunity right away.

They were eager to make use of a powerful new tool to help define their professional profiles and share their expertise with people in their field and beyond. Consider my colleague Mike Gamson, who dived right in with a series of pithy posts, and David W. Andrews, a butler who talked about the evolution of that domestic role.

Others of us have regarded this swimming pool with a bit more trepidation. We like to get used to the temperature one toe at a time.

The fear is only natural. Maybe we don’t view ourselves as great writers? Maybe we write for a living, so the bar for an excellent post is very high? Or maybe we just want to say something brilliant enough to augment our sparkling professional profiles?

Or maybe it’s that nagging suspicion about the mediocrity of our LinkedIn profiles. A fellow mom at my daughter’s school said she was embarrassed to connect to me on LinkedIn, because she didn’t think her profile was good enough for me to see.

She’s not the only one.

Some of our members have confided that they’ve put off publishing on LinkedIn because they don’t feel their profiles are up to snuff and they want to spiff up first. That’s like waiting to plan a great beach vacation until you’ve lost five pounds.

In the interest of helping my fellow poolside professionals dive right in, here are a few quick fixes that anyone can and should do to improve their professional profile in less than 10 minutes:

  • Tip 1: Tweak your settings before making changes. This is more of a pre-tip: We know a lot of you might be shy about making changes to your profiles for fear of inadvertently alerting your network to your edits. Don’t worry; this is easy to prevent. Simply turn off your activity broadcasts under privacy controls. While you’re at it, run through all the settings for your profile, communications, groups, and accounts to make sure everything is set just the way you want it. For instance, I can’t keep up with all my emails as it is, so I make sure I do not receive emails from group members or leaders.

    Tip 2: Definitely use the summary section. This is one of the most overlooked opportunities to establish your professional voice and credibility. Think of it as what you’d say about your career trajectory at a dinner party to someone you’d like to impress, or what you’d hope your friend might say about you when recommending you to someone else. A good rule of thumb is to make it 40 words or more. If you are looking for career opportunities, be sure to include keywords featured in a description of a desirable job in your field, as it will make your profile more likely to turn up in a potential employer’s search.

    Tip 3: Share some personality. This is not the 1980s, when the paper   you chose for your resume actually mattered. In addition to the role descriptions and slots for outside activities (boards, interests, and volunteering and causes), you can convey a lot more about who you are as a person and who you might be as an employee. To quickly give your profile some pizzazz, visually enhance your professional story by adding slide decks, videos, and other projects to demonstrate the impact of your work, your company’s mission, or your team’s capabilities.

    Tip 4: Proofread, proofread, proofread. Though the tone can be informal and conversational, the spelling, grammar, and punctuation shouldn’t be sloppy. You should offer a well-written profile that reflects a well-put together professional—even more so if you’re in the communications field. Ask for help if you need a second set of eyes.

    Tip 5: Get a great profile picture. Our data shows that a strong headshot—full color and well lighted—is one of the best and fastest ways to improve your profile. It’s a lot like when you’re looking for a house to buy: If there’s no photo, you assume something’s wrong with the property. People like to put a face with a name. Make yours terrific.

With these few steps, you’ll be well on your way to a more enriching LinkedIn experience. You may even find yourself ready to start sharing news and your perspectives with your professional contacts. Let me know how the deep end feels.

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6 tips for bite-sized technical content


“Snackable” content is a hot topic in business-to-business marketing. According to this recent post on B2B Marketing, the average human attention span is now shorter than that of your typical goldfish. 

In a professional context, we are frequently short on time and under pressure to juggle conflicting priorities and meet tight deadlines. There are countless statistics to show that easy-to-digest, short-form (and preferably visual) content wins.

Whether it is a white paper, infographic, or case study, marketers are often briefed to create compelling content. The information that we are asked to communicate is usually highly technical. It can seem like an impossible task to create bite-size material without oversimplifying the story or omitting essential details. 

So, do the principles of “snackable” content still apply when looking to communicate highly complicated messages to technically demanding industrial B2B audiences? 

The first question, of course, is what are the “ideal” length and type of content to use in their marketing activity? Well, the answer varies depending on the nature of the material, but you can’t get away from this simple truth: the shorter, the better. 

We don’t kid ourselves. Snackable content does require a shift in mindset for some technically minded individuals. Lead generation can throw an additional consideration into the mix. 

If they have been asked to provide their contact information, isn’t there a risk that the reader will feel short-changed? But the strength of the content isn’t measured by the word count. It’s the value of what you are sharing that matters; your customer or prospect doesn’t want to have to trawl through pages of dense copy to uncover key takeaways.

Producing material on a complicated subject matter is usually easier said than done. Too often, the writer’s eyes are too big for the readers’ stomachs. The reasons for producing snackable content go out the window, despite the best intentions. 

How can you create content that appeals, while including all the requisite technical information?

1. Back to basics. Ask yourself three simple questions: Whom are you looking to talk to, what are their pressure points, and how are you going to help them? If you’re not sure, keep thinking or get input from somebody else.

2. Be clear. Identify your key message and make it clear that this is the purpose of the content. If you can’t summarise what you want the audience to learn from the material, then your reader won’t know either.

3. Keep firm. Don’t succumb to pressure, whatever the source, to broaden the content’s scope or include unnecessary details. It will only dilute the impact of the communication.

4. Don’t try a one-size-fits-all approach. Think about creating multiple pieces of content for different audiences and stages in the buying process. If there is too much to say, then try a series of technical papers. You don’t have to give the reader all the information in one go.

5. Think of your reader. When creating content, remember that we are all people. We process information in different ways, whether we prefer visuals, audio, or hard facts and figures. If your budget allows, consider multiple tools to deliver maximum appeal to your potential audience. 

6. Evaluate the results. Always measure the success of a campaign and accept that you might not always get it right the first time. Try alternative approaches, and use the analytics to hone your approach until you nail it.

The most important thing is to enjoy the intellectual challenge. It is not always going to be easy to create “tasty” technical content, but if you think carefully about what you want to achieve, then your content is likely to work harder for you in return.

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