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5 ways to make your Facebook page more mom-friendly

Mother’s Day is a reminder to recognize the important women in our lives and all they have done for us. It is also a day to remember the social media influence of moms. 

According to a study by Edison Research, seven in 10 moms are active users on Facebook; by connecting with them on social media, brands have an opportunity to boost their e-commerce.

It can be difficult to find new ways to connect with moms on your Facebook page, so here are five to celebrate this Sunday, or any day.

1. Create a look book


The Look Book app from Offerpop gives brands the opportunity to drive sales directly from their Facebook page. On this app, you can visually list your products in slideshow format for any occasion. You can include a custom call to action for each individual item, as well as promo codes and downloadable coupons. It also lets you track which items are viewed and conversion rates to sales through the app.

Why moms will love it: This app makes it easy for any fan to visually see the items a brand has available, and for fans to download coupons or promo codes associated with these products. Moms love the chance to view a product and to save money on any product they want to buy; this increases your chance of an online sale.

2. Host a contest


Encourage people to enter a contest by submitting pictures of their mothers, stories about their mothers, or other mom-related content. Then, share back the user-generated content to highlight some of your fans individually, and select a winner for a special prize.

Why moms will love it: Moms love the opportunity to win anything from a brand. They especially love the chance to be featured by a brand, and to have their content chosen as a page’s winner. It will increase engagement with moms on your page, which will increase e-commerce over time.

3. Put out a poll


Ask a question that the moms who follow you can relate to. By using the app WooBox, you can require users to “like” your page before they vote. The app gives them an option to share their answer to their followers immediately after voting, driving more traffic to your page. Later on, you can use the poll results for social media content.

Why moms will love it: Polls allow users to make their voice heard and to share their thoughts with their friends. Moms enjoy this opportunity to be a part of a crowdsourced decision.

4. Post a quiz


Create a fun, BuzzFeed-style quiz that interests and relates to moms and enables them to share their findings with friends. The website PlayBuzz enables you to easily put together these visual quizzes and embed them on your website. Make sure the results link back to your product and website, and share it to your fans.

Why moms will love it:
 Like the vast majority of Facebook users recently, moms love the chance to find out fun, random tidbits of their personality through these quizzes. They also love to share their findings with all their Facebook friends, which increases your chance of virality and traffic.

5. Sell directly through Facebook


Add an online store to your Facebook page with an app such as Ecwid. It will visually list your products and give users the chance to buy them directly through Facebook.

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