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How to run a Facebook photo contest that drives results

Facebook Photo
In a time where selfies, Cat Breading, and even the notorious Hot Dog Legs phenomena dominate social feeds, photos may be the most viral form of media. It’s estimated that 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook in a single day.
It’s no surprise then that Facebook photo contests are very popular with consumers. Participants are lured in by giveaways and the chance to show off their favorite pictures, while brands benefit from increased awareness and engagement. 
Launching a Facebook photo contest may be easy, but planning a successful campaign requires strategy. For those interested in running a contest, here are a few best practices before you jump in.
Outline your goals.
Determining the measures of success for your campaign is essential to its strategy. Go beyond goals such as to “increase ‘likes’” or “build engagement.” Rather, be specific and assign metrics for what you’re looking to achieve. When planning the campaign, answer the following questions:
• What are we promoting? Is it a new product, brand, or service?
• What information am I looking to collect from participants?
• How can we repurpose this data?
• How will we encourage users to participate?
• How long will the contest run?
• How can we engage new fans after the contest?
Once the contest stops, create a detailed marketing plan for targeting the new consumers acquired during the campaign. It can transform new fans into customers for life.
Make entering easy.
A key element in a successful Facebook photo contest is determining the signup experience for participants. Lengthy forms that require too much information will drive users away. Outline the minimum number of required fields for entries, and allow one-click submissions that pull from users’ Facebook information.
Also, don’t forget to map out what happens after a user enters. Including incentives such as discount codes in auto-generated replies is a simple way to encourage sales.
Promote it. Everywhere.
Ensure your contest receives maximum reach by marketing the campaign across all of your audiences. Custom hashtags unite your social networks by enabling users to submit across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Include this same tag in promotional emails, advertisements, and your website.
Nexxus’ selfie campaign illustrates how to cross-promote a campaign with a branded hashtag. The company collected submissions from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with its #PrimeColor tag and promoted it across various channels.
The campaign was promoted prominently to fans with a custom Facebook banner: 
Followers are presented with the hashtag through branded Twitter page: 
Learn the rules.
Within its terms, Facebook outlines its official rules for running promotions:
• Each entrant must provide a complete release.
• Acknowledgement that the promotion is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.
• A user’s personal timelines may not be used for promotion (example: “share on your timeline to enter,” or “share on your friend’s timeline for another chance to win”).

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