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Facebook still unstoppable as it grows to 390 million active users in Asia

The Zuck doesn’t come unstuck. Facebook (FB) is continuing its march across Asia, as seen in the Q1 2014 earnings report for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.
Facebook now has 390 million monthly active users (MAUs) in Asia, from a grand total of 1.276 billion around the world. That Asia tally is up from 368 million MAUs at the end of last year – and way up from 319 million in Q1 2013.
Note that when Facebook issues its Q2 figures, Asia will be the bigger than the ‘rest of the world’ segment. Here’s the MAUs chart for Q1:
Allied with Facebook-owned WhatsApp and its 500 million monthly active users, the social network has an extraordinary global army of engaged users.
Here’s are Facebook’s Q1 figures for daily active users. There are now 216 million of them in Asia:


(See: 5 indicators why Line could soon topple Facebook in Thailand)


The ‘Asia’ chunk of the charts gets a lot slimmer when it comes to revenue. Facebook made $354 million in revenue from Asia out of its total of $2.5 billion in Q1, which is 14.14 percent. Facebook’s revenue dipped from Q4 last year to the most recent Q1, and Asia managed to bring in the only regional revenue rise in that time period.

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